Monday, 19 September 2016

The Story behind Civil Engineering Graduate

Hi! I am Himanshu Mishra, founder of Civil Engineering Graduate.
I started writing on Civil Engineering Graduate even before being a civil engineering graduate.

What is Civil Engineering Graduate?

Civil Engineering Graduate is my blog's title. Though it is a blog, I pretend it as a website.

Before starting, I had thought to develop it as a website where there is each and everything about civil engineering. As I started the journey, I found Civil engineering has no boundaries.

Civil Engineering is everywhere.
It is in our houses; we reside, in the playground; we play, in roads, we walk, in soil, in every structure, we see all around us, in dams, in power generation.
It was impossible to cover them all unless you have a team of thousand editors.

How is it started?

One of my classmate Umang Varshney used to write for his website Civil Engineering Gyan. I was much impressed with his work. He asked me whether I could write for his website. I gladly accepted the offer. 

It was great. The idea of getting published on the website was fascinating.

I started doing research in my niche so that I might develop some content. I wrote around a dozen articles over a period of 7-8 months.  I learned a lot from him. I learned several things from him.
The most importantly- How to avoid plagiarism? How does website work? how is it hosted? and many more things.

Why did I stop writing at Civil Engineering Gyan?
This writer was not recognized properly. he was not invited to contribute as an editor to the website. he had to submit the articles over emails. It was not the way going to work.

Story behind the domain:

Civil Engineering Portal is the most eminent website in civil engineering niche. It is hosted on domain ''.
It was the main reason I came up with ''

The Policy of Civil Engineering Graduate:

I am the first audience of the website. I look the blog from the eye of an audience.
Before writing an article or performing any alteration, I think like an audience who will like it or not.

Please do not hesitate to ask any question. I can be reached at admin@

Feedback and comments are welcome.

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